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How we started

In the Galle district of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, a young boy relentlessly studied by the streetlight of the temple in his village. 70 years later, Dickman De Alwis became the first person from his village to go to university. After completing his degree at the University of Peradeniya, he joined the foreign service and quickly rose up the ranks and, to this day, is still a decorated and highly successful ambassador, even years after his death. While many people are capable of success, why this success story in particular is important to our story of One Child is because he used his education and success to uplift his family and community. His family and many members of his community are now employed in many high ranking positions around the world. The creation of One Child, the brain child of Amila De Alwis, was inspired by this story and this is the basis of the foundation. We aim to uplift Sri Lanka's communities by supporting its children by empowering them through education.


Our plan

For several years, One Child consisted mainly of sponsor-recipient programme, helping children across the country. However, as the economic situation in Sri Lanka worsened and as more families were plunged into poverty, One Child decided to expand and help more people. Thus, ‘Phase 2’  was implemented at the beginning of 2022, which introduced the Sustainability Branch and Upliftment Branch, both of which aim to alleviate poverty and empower children through education.

Our directors 

Meet our amazing board of directors, each passionate about education and using it to better Sri Lanka.


Rajan Asirwatham


Amila De Alwis


Shanuka De Alwis

Company secretaries

Paul Ratnayeke Associates

59 R.G. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 00700

Company auditors

Ernst & Young

201 De Saram Pl, Colombo 01000

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